PTSA’s provide both youth and adult members the opportunity to make a difference. PTSA builds community and memories with family events, local outreach and school spirit. Beechwood School student members can develop leadership skills, learn about the legislative process, increase their self-esteem and contribute to the school. Adult members gain a new perspective for program development, as well as acquire a better understanding of the youth today. Beechwood School PTSA supports:

Academic & Social Life of Students
Facilitate parent & family involvement in the academic and social life of students. Studies show that students are more likely to succeed when their parents and families are in involved in their school.

Raise the Standards of Home Life
Support communication between the home, school and community.

Assist in Obtaining High Academic Standards
Promote the parent-teacher relationship for the benefit of the student’s academic success. Together we can achieve the greatest advantages in physical, mental and social education.

Contribute to Creating a Safe & Nurturing School Community
Sponsor parent education nights and encourage parents to bring up issues at PTSA meetings.

Support and Celebrate Faculty & Staff
Encourage parent involvement in the classroom and sponsor staff appreciation day.

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