Why do we need a Foundation?

$26 million has been cut from the Fullerton School District budget over the last three years. An additional $7 million – possibly $13 million -will be cut this year alone. The Beechwood School Foundation seeks not only to backfill the cuts that are allocated to Beechwoodbut also to expand our incredible academic programs and resources. Our Foundation dollars go entirely to our school.

Why do we still need a PTSA?

While the Foundation builds our academics, the PTSA builds our community and memories with family events,local outreach and team spirit- the other side of what makes our school extraordinary.

Why does the Foundation do the major fundraising?

The Beechwood School Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit with greater flexibility than the PTSA to raise funds and direct those resources toward outstanding academic programs.

Ifdonated last year,doneed to fill-out the paperwork again this year?


Does the Foundation accept matching funds from businesses?

YES! And all donations,individual or corporate, are tax deductible.

Dostill need to pay for field trips?

NO! Families used to pay busing and entrance fees for each and every field trip. Now,with the exception of overnight trips,all expenses are paid by the Foundation.

Do we need to meet our fundraising goals to guarantee Foundation programs for this year?

YES!! Our programs require year-to-year funding.

When will my donation to the Foundation start to benefit Beechwood?

Immediately!! The Foundation will provide over $100,000 in funding to Beechwood by October of this school year!

When doneed to return my Team Beechwood envelope?

We would like to have completed forms back by September 18th!

Beechwood Foundation + PTSA = e3 (enrich • equip • empower)